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7 Signs of Christ's Return

A Review of the 7 Signs
A doctrine of the Second Coming Of Jesus Christ in an entertaining and informative, educational format film.

Seven Signs of Hope for Peace on Earth, January 19, 2001
Reviewer:   Rebecca Johnson "author of Moonbeam Moths - Love Poems" (Washington State) - 
The scriptures foretell of seven events that will herald the second coming of Jesus Christ. One is already part of history and that makes these signs all the more compelling. We are watching prophesy being fulfilled right before our very eyes. 25 % of the Bible is prophesy.
This video really has it all. There is a great representation of the dream of the statue with a golden head, silver chest and arms, bronze midsection, iron legs and feet of iron and clay.
We are at the point in history where we are dealing with the "New Rome" or the 10 toes/10 nations which yield their sovereignty to Rome. The dream of the four beasts rising out of the sea also represent Babylon, Persia, Alexander the Great and then the Beast with 10 horns. Edmund Purdom is excellent as the host.

This is the best film ever on the End Days. If you are at all interested in finding out where the earth is headed, you will want to watch this movie. One day the earth will know peace, but according to Biblical prophecy, it will not come until Christ rules the earth. Those who are Christians will not have to wait until Christ returns. The Rapture (watch the movie "Left Behind" or read the book series) will take those who believe in Jesus Christ out of the world before the 7 years of Tribulation and war.

For Christians this prophesy is filled with hope. For those that don't believe, it is certain doom for the earth and its inhabitants. Which side will you be on? I hope you choose wisely. To research these issues further, I highly recommend The New Open Bible, King James Version, Study Edition sold here at Amazon. It has great references so you can look up specific information. The Bible can also tell you how to get out of the world alive. It reveals all mysteries, you just have to read to find them :). I have found that all the answers to my life here and in my life after this life on the earth are contained in one book. The Bible will guide you on the road to true enlightenment.

The seven signs are:

1. The Return of the Jewish people to the Holy Land and the Restoration of Israel.

2. The rise of the European Union. This is the integration of member nations into one European Union (EU). This will be the new Rome. A Political superpower with a multinational army.

3. The Rise of a dictator who will speak with great authority and is a master of intrigue. The people of the world will follow his promise of peace as he establishes world order in order to stabilize a shaky economy. People will be tired of the seeming unimportance of life and will be looking for a reason to live and to die. This "stern-faced king" will unite his followers in a New World Order. He is in fact the Antichrist who is sent to our earth by Satan himself. It is assumed that he will use vast media networks to mesmerize the masses. All destructive weapons will be at his disposal.

4. World Wide Religion - The assassination of the Antichrist and his ability to overcome death will astound the world. This demonic dictator will promote pagan (one who has little or no religion and who delights in sensual pleasures and material goods : an irreligious or hedonistic person) pageantry (a person's mere show in public : empty display : being a spectacle). A second "beast" who is the false prophet will rally all people of the world to worship him. He will bring down fire from heaven and will make lies sound like the truth in order to seduce mankind away from God. This will be the unholy trinity: False Prophet/Satan/Antichrist. All who refuse to worship will be killed.

5. The Building of a new Temple - Christ will not return until a third Temple is built. The Temple Mount is the most fought over piece of land on earth and is only 35 acres. The first Solomon's Temple was destroyed by Babylon in 586 BC. The second Temple was built by King Herod the Great in 26BC. In 70 AD the Temple was burnt to the ground by Rome. The only retaining wall which remained is the Western wall and is the Holiest Place to the Jews. The Temple Priesthood is now training priests for the new temple. The 10 nation dictator will settle the conflict of the Temple Mount and this will signal the 7 years of the Tribulation.

6. The Invasion of Israel - A cloud will cover the land of Israel. An invasion will come from the North. God and Israel's allies will attack and defeat Israel's enemies.

7. Armageddon - Satan's efforts to destroy God's chosen people will culminate in the last battle human beings will ever fight. Christ will then return and his Kingdom will be eternal. Satan will be banished forever. Jesus Christ will then rule the earth unchallenged.


Excellent production of pre-millennial eschatology, March 20, 2002
Reviewer:   the_review_guy (United States)

I highly, highly recommend this video for those who want an accurate and quality documentary on Bible Prophecy for the Latter Days. Graphics, Biblical context, archived historical footage and sequencing are superbly presented.

There are a few things that should be mentioned. It may not be clearly stated that the "watch" which occurred at the end of 999 A.D., failed because Israel had not returned to her land, as necessitated by Zechariah 12/14, Ezekiel 36/37, Isaiah 66 and Revelation 11/13. Also, Herod's work on the Second Temple to God was actually a renovation of the Second Temple built after the Jews returned from Babylonian Captivity, having been liberated around 534 B.C. In addition the film shows footage of an idol which is strictly forbidden by God as an object of worship or reverence in Exodus 20:4 KJV and Leviticus 26:1 KJV (use the KJV as certain versions have "edited" these passages).

Whether the European Union will become the feet of iron and clay from Nebuchadnezzar's dream in Daniel 2 remains to be seen. But it certainly seems well on its way. Nonetheless, the footage of European armies shows that a new economic power is on the rise. However, most of the aircraft shown are American-made, not European.

The film appears to have potentially focused on the year 2000 rather than overtly stating that it is the "Signs of the Times" that are significant in prophecy, not any particular date. And in relation to the "Signs of the Times" the film does an excellent job, starting with the reborn nation of Israel; miraculously founded on May 14, 1948 in a striking fulfillment of Isaiah 66:8. The most recent foreshadowing of the coming son of perdition, Adolph Hitler, and his Axis-power buddy, Benito Mussolini, are well-documented with prime footage. Even though it may have been movie footage, the schoolchildren singing an homage to Adolph Hitler is beyond frightening and definitely accurate.

If you're a church pastor who is looking for teaching materials or just want a quality product for a presentation on Bible Prophecy, you can't do much better than this video.


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