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UNEC Cyber Community is an upper New England Coast Community that will provide our local and neighboring audience, a place to go to for information about businesses and services in our area. We want to make this an indispensable resource.

Just click on the TV Guide above and check out what's on your TV today all day.

Click on the Movie Guide to see what's currently playing in all the movie theaters in our area. 

Visit our Advertisers for current services. Check out UNEC  Business Classifieds. 

Click on the Freebies Links to get the latest version of Internet Explorer or Netscape among other interesting things for your computer. 

If you are interested in astrology, card readings, predictions, numerology, etc., browse to the Paranormal section. 

Are you planning a trip? We have Airline and Train info here!

Miss the Weather on TV or radio?  Check it out here on one of the weather links for updated conditions.


There is so much more in this site! check out Topics of Interest. You will have to browse to see.


Current News

UNEC Cyber Community is rolling!  We are getting more hits per month than we expected and are very happy that our site has become useful to our visitors. When I say "our" site, I mean you, me and anyone connected with unec.net. We (you, me and the UNEC Cyber Community) strive for it to be your source for information of all sorts.

Find a phone number to see what the variety store has left for newspapers.  Call the Post Office or Library to see if they're still open.  Call the Video Store to see if the movie you want is in.  Find out if the Gas Station carries headache pills.  Call the school to tell them that you will be 10 minutes late to pickup your child.  It's all here and it's convenient to use and you don't have to stumble through a phone book when it's on your screen.

Use our Directory in Frames for the convenience of flipping through the Pages.

In the near future, we plan to have "For Sale" and "Help Wanted" classifieds for anyone who may be selling a used item (s). 

UNEC is always researching useful information on the web so that we can provide it for you. Keep checking.


New Area Codes for Massachusetts

Beginning April 2, 2001, the new area codes 774, 857, 339, and 351, have been introduced in the Eastern Massachusetts geographical area, which is currently served by the existing codes 508, 617, 781, and 978.  All calls made within and between the area codes must be dialed as 10 digits (area code + 7 digit number).  Otherwise, you will reach a recorded announcement to hang up and dial again using the correct area code.  Local and Regional calling areas and rates will remain the same, as will telephone calls to 911 emergency services and to 411 Directory Assistance

Current Area Code New Overlay Area Code Dialing Digits Required Between Codes Dialing Digits Required To All Other Area Codes
508 774 1+ 10 Digits (1+774+NXX+XXXX) 1+ 10 Digits (1+774+NXX+XXXX)
617 857 1+ 10 Digits (1+857+NXX+XXXX) 1+ 10 Digits (1+857+NXX+XXXX)
781 339 1+ 10 Digits (1+339+NXX+XXXX) 1+ 10 Digits (1+339+NXX+XXXX)
978 351 1+ 10 Digits (1+351+NXX+XXXX) 1+ 10 Digits (1+351+NXX+XXXX)



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