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Logon Airport Airlines

Logan Airport - Boston, MA
1 800-23-LOGAN
1 800-235-6426

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Call the airline for information and then click on the corresponding terminal letter for helpful terminal information.

For ground transportation information to and from Logan Airport call 1-800-23-LOGAN 
(1 800-262-3335)  Mon - Fri, 8 AM - 7 PM

The Logan airlines info listed below is found at http://www.massport.com/logan/airli.html

The letter icon on each line indicates the terminal in which the Airline operates. You may click the icon for more information about that terminal.
Aer Lingus Terminal E (800) 474-7424, www.aerlingus.ie
AeroMexico Terminal E (800) 237-6639, www.AeroMexico.com
Air Canada/Air Canada Jazz Terminal C (888) 247-2262, www.aircanada.ca
Air Canada Jazz Terminal E (888) 247-2262, www.aircanada.ca
Air France Terminal E (800) 237-2747, www.airfrance.com
Air Jamaica Terminal E (800) 523-3515, www.airjamaica.com
AirTran Terminal D (800) 247-8726, www.airtran.com
Alaska Airlines Terminal B (800) 252-7522, www.alaskaair.com
Alitalia Terminal E (800) 223-5730, www.alitaliausa.com
America West Terminal B (800) 235-9292, www.americawest.com
American (except intíl arrivals) Terminal B (800) 433-7300, www.aa.com
American (intíl arrivals only) Terminal E (800) 433-7300, www.aa.com
American Eagle Terminal B (800) 433-7300, www.aa.com
ATA Airlines, Inc. Terminal B (800) 225-2995, www.ata.com
British Airways Terminal E (800) 247-9297, www.british-airways.com
Cape Air Terminal C (800) 352-0714, www.flycapeair.com
Charters Terminal BTerminal CTerminal E(Check with Tour Operator)
Continental Terminal C (800) 525-0280, www.continental.com
Delta Air Lines Terminal A (800) 221-1212, www.delta.com
Delta Connection Terminal A (800) 221-1212, www.delta.com
Delta Connection/Com Air Terminal A (800) 354-9822, www.delta.com
Delta Shuttle (LaGuardia.) Terminal A (800) 221-1212 , www.delta.com
Finnair Terminal E 1-800-950-5500, www.finnair.com
Icelandair Terminal E (800) 223-5500, www.icelandair.com
Independence Air Terminal B (800) 359-3594 , www.flyi.com
JetBlue Airways Terminal C (800) 538-2583, www.JetBlue.com
KLM Terminal E (800) 374-7747, www.klm.com
Lufthansa Terminal E (800) 645-3880, www.lufthansa.com
Midwest Terminal C (800) 452-2022, www.midwestexpress.com
Northwest Terminal E (800) 225-2525, www.nwa.com
SATA Terminal E (800) 762-9995, www.sata.pt
Song Terminal A (800) 221-1212, www.flysong.com
Swiss Terminal E (877) 359-7947, www.swiss.com
TACA Terminal E (800) 535-8780, www.taca.com
United Terminal C (800) 241-6522, www.ual.com
United Express Terminal C (800) 241-6522, www.ual.com
US Airways Shuttle (LaGuardia & D.C.)Terminal B (800) 428-4322, www.usairways.com
US Airways Terminal B (800) 428-4322, www.usairways.com
US Airways Express Terminal B (800) 428-4322, www.usairways.com
Virgin Atlantic Airways Terminal E (800) 862-8621,  www.virginatlantic.com

* Please note: airlines and locations are subject to change. Listing effective 5/01/05.

Flight Info:  Arrivals / Departures / Tracker

Manchester, NH Airport - (603) 624-6556


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