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2.) Categories
Choose ONLY ONE (1) of the following 4 Areas below for a Local LISTING (LST).
You can only be listed in any ONE (1) area at $12 per year. You can however, place an Ad in any of the 4 areas.
  Hampton/Exeter, NH Area
   Hampton, NH (Exeter, Hampton,
   Hampton Beach, Kensington, North
   Hampton, South Hampton, Seabrook)
Haverhill, MA Area

Haverhill, MA (Bradford, Boxford,
Byfield, Georgetown, Groveland,
Ipswich, Rowley, West Newbury)
Plaistow, NH Area

Plaistow, NH (Atkinson, Danville,
East Kingston, East Hampstead,
Hampstead, Kingston, Newton,
Salisbury, MA Area

Salisbury, MA (Amesbury, Merrimac,
Salisbury Beach)

Note that if a LISTING does not apply to you, you do not have to choose a category in any of the 4 areas above.
Instead, choose "Other" in the below or go to
#3.) Choose a Service and pick the subscription that does not apply to any category.

If your Business is Local in UNEC's 4 Areas and you choose one of the pages below, you will receive a FREE Listing in
You can run a Local (LLGO) or Non-Local Ad (NLGO) on one of the pages below.
Choose this "OTHER" option for Local "LISTING or Ad" and Non-Local for "Ad" or "SPONSOR" UNEC Cyber Community:
   Art Gallery - Dealers &  TV Cable & Satellite Co   Hotel & Motel  Media (Newspaper, Radio, TV)  Movie Theaters  Nursing Care & Nursing Homes  Paranormal Phenomena  Ukrainian, Russian - Links
If there is a page in UNEC that is not in the OTHER box, specify the page name here: .htm

Open the page you want in using your browser. Copy/Paste it in the box provided.

You can SPONSOR UNEC Cyber Community by choosing it in the "Choose a Service" box below.


3.) Choose a Service
Choose your 1st preference Service Subscription from Ads and Listings. You may choose multiple subscriptions after highlighting the 1st. Use your "Control (CTRL) Key on your keypad + your mouse to make the multiple selections. Your choices will then be highlighted.
If multiple selections are needed other than what is displayed, please choose "Other Combination" from the above list and call (603) 382-8041. Introduce yourself with your Name, your Business Name and that you are calling about UNEC's Ads and Listings and state which one it is that you are interested in. If the answering machine is on, also leave your phone number so that we may contact you. If you are speaking to a person, that person will take your phone number and/or info and get back to you.

Be Listed or Stay Listed in UNEC Cyber Community Directory
Code: LST
Note that this Service is for LOCAL Businesses or Services Only!
Run an Ad
Your own Ad Page (s)
Codes: W1-W4
Name or Logo LINK on Right Border Code:LINKrb, rbNameLink, rb150x50Link, rb150x92Link
Business Classified Ad for Local Businesses Code: CL
Logo Link on a page (Local or Non-Local) Code: LLGO or NLGO
Sponsor UNEC (Local businesses) Code: LSPON
Sponsor UNEC (Non local businesses) Code: NSPON
LINK to your E-Mail or Website directly from your LISTING or Ad Code: LINK (requires an Ad Subscription if you are a "non-local" business or service)



  For Listings (LST)
  Serving 4 Areas:
Hampton, NH (Exeter, Hampton Beach, Kensington, North Hampton, South Hampton, Seabrook)
Plaistow, NH (Atkinson, Danville, East Kingston, East Hampstead, Hampstead, Kingston, Newton, Sandown)
Haverhill, MA (Bradford, Boxford, Byfield, Georgetown, Groveland, Ipswich, Rowley, West Newbury)
Salisbury, MA (Amesbury, Merrimac, Salisbury Beach - included are some business in Newburyport)
  The above cities and towns are for Businesses & Services residing there to be LISTED in UNEC Cyber Community.
  For Ads
  Any Business (Local or Non-Local) can subscribe for an Ad as-long-as you reside in a PayPal Country.
  See Contact Info for ways to contact UNEC Cyber Community.

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