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     UNEC Cyber Community, also known as are properties of Oksana Studios, also known as Oksana Studios, Advertising & Design and and will be referenced as "We or we" and "Our or our" or "us" in the below.  All names are referenced to each other.  In other words, if is typed, then it means UNEC Cyber Community,, Oksana Studios, Oksana Studios, Advertising & Design,, UNEC and anything that has any of those words including "the site."
     A business or service will be referenced as "You or you" and "Your, your, Yours, yours" in the below.  You become a "member" of UNEC after we receive your payment for your space on  "Member, member, Members, members, membership" are related to all in this paragraph.
     "Our, our" refers to you and  "Our site, our site" refers to

UNEC Cyber Community is a community of businesses and services starting in the Plaistow, NH Area including the towns of Plaistow, Kingston, East Kingston, Atkinson, Danville, Hampstead, East Hampstead, Sandown and Newton.  The complete list of cities & towns can be seen here: UNEC Cyber Community
We welcome and assume that you and your business or service are honest and reputable.
  1.  Occasionally, typographical errors may appear in UNEC Cyber Community or your contact info has changed. 
    bullet LISTINGS and ADS: If you are a paid subscriber, and this is related to you, you must contact us in writing and mail it by US Postal Service, unless
    we gave you our other contact info. For contact information, click on Contact. Your info cannot be changed by using the feedback form.
    bullet If you are not a paid subscriber, please register for a subscription and pay for this service.
  2. UNEC will not accept any material of any kind, in-so-far-as Ad space in, that contains anything that is vulgar, pornographic or prejudice to a human.  We reserve the right to determine this, should we become aware. This is a family site. We do not condone pirated material if it relates to you in your copy and/or distribution of that kind of material through UNEC.   NO ILLEGAL ACTIVITY is accepted by us from you on UNEC.
  3. You will be responsible and you are obligated to pay any and all legal fees as a result of wrong doing should be involved. Termination from will be another result (no refunds).
  4. To become a member of UNEC Cyber Community, any and all payments are prepaid for one full year.  We have made it very affordable for any reputable business or service in our area to expose themselves on our site.  We can not accept weekly, monthly, quarterly payments as this would result in higher prices to be a subscriber, unless stated otherwise in the payment page (s).  No refunds are provided if you choose to remove yourself from UNEC Cyber Community. Payments are accepted by hitting the "Subscribe" button upon which you can make a secure payment using your credit card or check. You may mail us your Bank Check or Money order instead of hitting the subscribe button. If you miss the date of renewal for your subscription, you must get reinstated back into (UNEC Cyber  Community). Should you want to get reinstated on UNEC Cyber Community, a new setup fee and design fee applies no matter what the specials or promotions are today (meaning any day that is current).
  5. We have contracted a reliable and trustworthy hosting provider.  Occasionally, interference of a sort to the hosting server may occur due to failure of equipment, electric power, weather conditions, etc.  We do not maintain any equipment related to that except our computers which rely to the mentioned server.  We are not a computer server.  We buy our space.  We do have an antivirus protection for the computers we use incase a bug is unknowingly retrieved from the net. We suggest that you do the same.  No matter what server that a domain uses or one who has a computer and surfs online, one should install an antivirus software program on their PC.  There are many hackers who would love to hack info from your PC or inflict a virus.  We are not responsible for your protection online when you are in and use UNEC Cyber Community.
  6. All current promotional specials apply to new members only. Members being any Business or Service that has not been listed yet.
  7. Your payment to us for your space in UNEC Cyber Community constitutes that you have read "Legal" and "UNEC Terms & Conditions" and agree to abide.


In addition to what you have read in Legal and all the service pages also describe some terms, the following terms also apply:

All pages describing our services and the cost of that service is as-is and we reserve the right to change any and all information at any time without personal notice. We feel that you should check out the costs on the day that you contact UNEC or Oksana Studios by mail, email or phone and print out your own copy of that service page you are ordering/inquiring for a possible service to you. It must be printed from your browser in order to reveal the date on the bottom of a page (s) you are printing. Our "notice" of any change is publicly displayed on our web site with or without the use of the word "notice, change or notice of change." 

Payment for Service
Your payment for any of our services means that you accept these terms. Once you decide that you want to be listed in UNEC and/or have us do a particular service for you such as described in Advertising, full prepayment as stated in our services or from an estimate we gave you by phone or mail, must be made payable to Oksana Studios before the completion of our work for you if you are paying by mail. Payment can also be made on a secure site using your credit card or check by using PayPal. Any changes you may want to the service we provide you will be charged an additional cost and paid immediately upon completion or prepaid where stated.  There are no refunds. You must provide us with accurate information and if you find errors, contact us immediately (no charge for our human error - charges are applied to changes you make). Use the Order Form to make your changes. The order form is your order, your record and our record. We want to avoid sending bills. However, we may contact you as-to any amount you may still owe us if it was allowed.


Thank you for your patronage.  We wish you success in your business or service. Go-to: UNEC Cyber Community Home

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