UNEC Cyber Community Home - MAIL or FAX your Ad Changes. See Contact. Be sure to include your complete CONTACT info and the web address of your Ad. 82 Characters x 54 Lines. This is for your online typing convenience ONLY, to be sent to your printer. Use this page again if you have more than 54 lines. NOTE: Do not type beyond the space bar. Use only the space that is provided. Hit your ENTER key at the end of the line and stop typing at the end of this form or your page won't print correctly.
Highlight each line below and type in your info so that we may contact you if necessary. Continue to type your changes in the next line by hitting your "Enter" key on your keypad.
  Page 2 - Continue Typing your changes here, send it to your printer and Fax it to UNEC:
     This is NOT a submit form. Just type your info and send it to your printer.
     Go to Submit Form - Changes if you want to submit your changes online.

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